Hanging with the doggos

I have a few wonderful people who read my blog as I was starting my short running carrier and they still read it now! They might remember I would create posts once in a while called, “Hangin with the dog”. My wonderful dog from those posts died several years ago at the young age of 6 years old from liver issues and some other health related problems. She was so brave and loyal we couldn’t even tell she was sick until it was too late to help her.

“The Dog” waiting for me to throw “The Stick”.

Very sad and we will always miss you Lexie. You were a wonderful dog and she always loved running after balls and sticks in the backyard while I cooled off from my runs in the midday Alabama sun.

I miss you more than you will ever know.

Now I bring to you my new doggos. They are my new best friends that we got post Lexie.

Our black dog is a rescue (as was Lexie). She is an awesome dog, and sometimes she acts like a cat, but mostly dog.

Our white dog is our new edition. She is a pure bread and now at 9 months old is settled into our family like she has been here a thousand years. She is kind and loves everyone she meets (unless you enter our backyard without her permission).

So today I’m hangin with the doggos at my house and lovin it!

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