Running in the cold and feeling my hip again

I felt my hip yesterday.

I ran 4.5 miles and it was cold.  In fact just one day before TJ and I were talking about how hot it was as we ran.  But yesterday, windchill was below freezing and I had all my winter garb on.

My hip hurts when I am not running relaxed.  I can feel pain, tell myself to relax, and within seconds the pain has subsided.  I also think it is worse in the cold.  Holding my body stiff as I run into wind and cold that I thought had passed for another year.

All in all it was a good run.  By the time it was over, I felt as if I had settled into it and could run more, but decided I didn’t want to take a chance of hurting myself so I stopped.  This was the second run after my sickness.  I can still feel it in my chest some, but I am definitely on the mend.

3 more runs before I take another week off.  Just some personal stuff I need to do.  Then on with training for my April half marathon.

Life is good.


Finally… a run

I survived the weekend and came out the other side feeling much better.  My recent bout of sickness culminated Friday with me leaving work early and crashing at home.  I thought some fresh air and a slow walk would help, but… Nope… I started out and then headed home and got rest.

The weekend was not restful however.  Saturday I went with RS to get a new TV for his room, JR got a new bed and HM got tires for his car.  That was just the major parts of the day.  I must say, through I wasn’t feeling great, I was better.

Sunday found me running again.  I don’t think I went too soon.  I felt good, it was a beautiful day and so TJ and I went to the park to run a few miles.  I had hoped to get in about 6 or so, but could only manage 4.  I still have some congestion in my chest which the run helped, but it also impacted my ability to run further.

So I am 90% better.  I don’t want to have a relapse, but I think I am past that.  I must say, this was the first time in my memory of the past few years that a cold knocked me down for a week. It was pretty rough overall.  I looked so bad on Friday that my boss made me go home early from work.  That was a first also.

Today finds me tired, but doing much better.  I really want to get back to my running schedule as I have a half marathon in 7 weeks.

By the way,, the weather today is going to be strange here in the deep South.  It was in the mid 50’s when I got up.  By lunch we will be in the 30’s and by the time I run this afternoon we will be back in the 40’s.  All we need is snow to make this a perfect day. 🙂

In with a whimper, out with a whimper

I actually had a good month running.  I ran a total of 80.7 miles and that was with a truncated beginning and ending of my month.

My first run of the month wasn’t until the 4th of February.  Reason?  Snow.  I was stuck at work for 3 days and 2 nights and then had to take a day to catch up on sleep.  Also I slightly injured my back in the snow, so I needed to make sure that was healed before I tried running.

I started running on the 4th and my last day running was last Sunday the 23rd of February.  Reason?  I got sick.  So I can’t run until this thing passes.  How frustrating to have one of the best runs of my life last Sunday and then be down and out for a week.  With the way I’m feeling now, I don’t even know if I’ll run this weekend or not… probably not.

Oh well, at least I’m not injured.

Have a great running/racing weekend.


Random stuff and a 4.7 mile run

Things have been a little tough for me lately.  I don’t really know why.  Maybe it is post marathon depression or just the fact I haven’t been able to run.  Either way, I feel as if I am slowly falling into a hole that is slowly getting deeper.  I could climb out if I want, but I am beginning not to want to, and that is a problem.

Okay, that is more about me then I wanted to share.

Yesterday I took matters into my own hands, feet, legs, etc.  After messing up on the time for church and getting there 45 minutes early, I went to get gas and coffee while I waited. I filled my tank and it overflowed.  Nice.  Now I get to go to church smelling like gas.  I went to the store where I got the gas to wash my hands, but it was closed.  So I went out to find another convenience store.  In that store I got a bottled iced coffee and as I went to throw away the plastic that was over the lid, I poured half the coffee on the floor.  Hmmm.  Not going to be a good day.

I finally made it to church and then headed home.  By this time I was done.  Over my limit.  I didn’t care about my hip, my achilles, my heel spur!  I was going to run.

I got into my running clothes and went out the door.  I think it was the best run I’ve had in a very long time.  I didn’t push it.  I just ran.  I ran my 3 mile route and still felt good so decided to head onto another 2 mile section.  Frankly I felt like I could have gone further, but decided to end at my house which actually got me to 4.7 miles.  All in all it was just pleasant.  The weather was nice, it was quite and I could just be alone with no one needing me for anything.  

Did I say it was my birthday?  I got a Pebble watch.  Pretty cool as it gives notifications from my iPhone directly on the watch.  No more having to pull my phone out of my pocket each time there is a bleep.  Also it shows my running stats from my phone during my run, so I could just look down and see how I was doing rather than having to turn on my iPhone.

Life goes on.  Nothing changes.  I am thankful I could run yesterday.  I hope I’ll run again today.  

Maybe that hole isn’t as big as I thought.

Out sick

Yesterday was a sick day for me.  I felt it coming on Tuesday, and when I woke up Wednesday for work at 3:30, I felt miserable.  Seemingly just a bad cold, but I was achy, tired, sore throat and stuffed sinuses.  It has been a rough patch for me lately, but this too shall pass.  As I tell my kids, if you are having a good day, know that a bad day will come and if you are having a bad day, know that a good day will come.  Life works in cycles.  Be prepared.

So no walking yesterday, though I did 3 miles on Tuesday faster than my previous best.  I guess I PRed my 5K walk on Tuesday, 🙂

This afternoon I have my orthopedic sports doctor appointment.  I will mention my hip and achilles to him and see what he thinks.

Updates tomorrow.


Sick Daze

Okay, it seems that as soon as I committed to running the Lehigh Valley Marathon on September 8th, my life has… well fallen apart.

Maybe it is just me, but I was very sick the past two days.  I had the worse sinus infection I’ve had in years.  In fact, I don’t think I have missed a day of work since I have lost weight and stated running because of being sick.  Now…  2 days.

I just had a great run on Tuesday and now the week is gone.  Today I will run, but since we have a 5K race in the morning, I’ll have to take it easy (and since I haven’t been out of bed in 2 days).

But I am going to try my new magic weapon.  Beat root juice.  Yes it sounds disgusting, but it is loaded with nitrates and is supposed to increase endurance by up to 15%.  Well, I guess I’ll find out tomorrow.

Short post today.  Tomorrow I’ll be hangin’ with the dog and then running with TJ, RS and my friend Neill (@BigBigGeed) in the Shake and Bake 5K.