How much do I taper for my marathon in 2 weeks?

Yesterday I had a much needed day off.  I took a vacation day from work and slept until 7:30.  Of course today I’m back up at 3:45 AM, but I am feeling more awake and less run down.

This leads me into a question I’ve been dealing with and if you marathon runners would like to help, I’d appreciate it.


I know tapering is a difficult thing.  My question is, how much and when.  I am 50 years old and have been running since March 2012.  I’m averaging 50 miles a week.  I want to run this marathon as well as I can and don’t want to under or over taper.  My marathon is 2 weeks from tomorrow.  Also I am physically tired from the workouts and long runs (as I assume everyone is at the time in training).  My hip is still bothering me and my right achilles isn’t doing that great.

So any ideas on tapering for an old guy?  🙂

On to a few other things since I missed my post yesterday.

I went to pick up some vitamins from the doctor that helped my Lovely Wife and me lose close to 100 lbs each.  I hadn’t seen his receptionist in a couple months and I was in my running clothes as I wanted to run a bike path near work.  As I walked in and she saw me, her first comment was, “You are virtually unrecognizable”.  The weight loss and the running seems to have made a big difference.  It made me feel good.

Also, I had a great run on the bike path.  I ran 5 miles, 4 of which were under a 7:45 pace.

That is about it.  I’ve got to get ready to meet Neill (@BigBigGeek) at the state park to run with him on his long run.  Last week it was so nice to run and talk.  I’m looking forward to doing this again.

2 weeks from tomorrow is the Lehigh Valley Marathon.  I can’t wait!!!

My first day running in 2 weeks

It all begins again…

Running. Yesterday was my first day back since my 2 week break. How was it? Good. Not great, but good. I ran 3 miles at a 9:00 pace and felt okay. A few aches and pains as I got my muscles moving again and my lungs burned as I ran. I assume that was because of a sinus infection I had late last week, but it could just be from the time off.

The interesting thing was that I am off all anti inflammatory meds and woke up with no back or hip pain and no aches at all. Wow. I guess loosing 20 lbs made a huge impact. I hope it does in my running. A coworker who used to be a nurse told me that for every pound of fat, the body needs a mile of veins and arteries to support that pound. So if that is correct, I have 20 miles less of veins and arteries for my blood to have to travel around my body.

I feel great.

Three miles again this afternoon and I am shooting for a total of 23 miles for the week. That is almost half of my past mileage, but better safe than sorry.

In so glad to be back. I am amazed that in 19 months I went from 278 lbs and not able to run 800m to 178 lbs and a half marathon under my belt. God is good.

I love running (and am enjoying eating again 🙂 )

1 day to go

Today is the last day of my diet /  recovery.  I plan on running tomorrow for the first time in two weeks.  It has been hard not running, but I know I feel a lot better for taking some time off.  Also, I am down to 179 for the first time since I can ever remember.  For those who don’t know, at the height of my weight gain, I was 278 in July 2011, so I have lost 99 lbs so far.  Wow, a year and a half ago I would never have thought I’d loose so much and have run a half marathon!

I am a bit hesitant about running again since I have had almost no carbs of fat in 14 days.  I’ll take it slow to begin with and see how I feel.  I hope that loosing so much weight will make a big difference, especially in my aches and pains.

I can’t wait to love running again.