No pictures.. No excuses.. (and a 5K)

I don’t do pictures on my blog.

I should.  I know people would probably read it more.

I just don’t want to spend the time looking for pictures.  I want to write and have the content of my writing be what makes people interested.  I’m not sure I’ve accomplished that or not, but that is my goal.

So here is another picture. 🙂


My daughter showed me her favorite shirt and I took a picture.

Yesterday’s post and today’s both have pictures in them.  I guess I don’t mind putting pictures in my blog if I see them first and they inspire me.  Just not as an afterthought.

Not that I mind reading blogs with pictures.  I am Jealous of you bloggers that can put the right image in at the right place and it really sets the tone.  I just haven’t been able to accomplish that.

Not that I am making excuses!

I don’t know why I just wrote all that.  I guess it was just on my mind.

I’ll try to add pictures in the future.  No guarantees though. 🙂

Tomorrow is my 5K with TJ.  The Red Shoe Run.  Used to be called the Red Nose Run.  I understand the reason for the change of the name.  It benefits the Ronald McDonald House and I guess both red shoe and red nose go with the famous clown.  Shoes might go better with running a 5K, but red nose goes well for the winter.

Last weekend it was 12 degrees in the morning.  Tomorrow it is going to be mid 50’s and raining.  Could be worse.  Could be 12.

So don’t look for any PRs from me.  My goal is to run a slow race.  Not hurt myself.  Enjoy the atmosphere and watch TJ win another medal.

Have a great weekend and I hope to catch up with my blog reading at some point… But… No Excuses!