The Reinspired Runner

I have a goal for tomorrow that will change my run plan today.

I have to get to 15 miles tomorrow for my long run.

To be honest, a week ago I was thinking that I may never get back to a point where I could run 15, let alone 26 miles. But it has been a good week. I found out I had a sinus infection and got it taken care of. I ran 5 miles a day rather than my planned 7 miles a day. This was because of the heat and not wanting to feel overwhelmed each day since running had been difficult for a while. Finally, I ran negative splits every day this week. I started off slowly and each mile I ran faster than the previous mile.

Having our first marathon in 8 weeks (from tomorrow), I have to get the longer runs in and get up my confidence. I have gained great confidence from this week and now feel I can run 15 miles tomorrow and do it well.

Back to my opening sentence. I am taking today off from running to get me ready for tomorrow. My goal over the next 4-6 weeks is to get my long run up to 20+ miles and my hope is that I will feel good doing it. I now believe that is a possibility.

Confidence is huge and I lost my confidence over the past couple of months.

Now, however, you can call me the reinspired runner!

7 thoughts on “The Reinspired Runner

  1. Good luck! I have, however, read that it is not safe to run over 20 miles for training purposes, and to stay at 20 until marathon time. The wear and tear and possible injuries that could happen make the risk of going over 20 too great until marathon time.

    This coming from someone whose longest run is 5 miles:)

    Also, something I notice is that when I run, my times are okay, but once I run in a race/5K my times go down dramatically. I call it the atmosphere effect. Once I am in the atmosphere of other runners and people cheering and music, etc… I just find that my times are MUCH better at the race than on my own. I don’t know if that is the same with you or not, but I mention that because your times are good now and you have been very concerned about them in the past. Your times look very good right now and if the atmosphere effect affects you as it does me, you will do better:)

    • Yeah. I’ve read the same thing about keeping it to 20 miles before the race. I will probably not do more than that, but it depends how I feel. That is why I wrote 20+ miles. I probably won’t get over 20 miles in time for the race. I just hope I can get up to 20 miles at this point.

      I agree about race day being a big help. In my half marathon, I ran about 50 seconds per mile faster than I ever ran in my neighborhood. I hope that happens in September.

      Thanks. I appreciate the thoughts.

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