9 runs to the Chiropractor

Sometimes I am so stupid.

I know I have issues with my hip.  Fortunately I’ve been to the doctor and there isn’t anything physically wrong with it.

It began hurting about half way through last week.  I had already run about 6 days straight and was going to end up running 9 days, including a trail run.

Yesterday my run (after my day off) was not good.  I thought I was going to run hills or a tempo run.  I got outside and began a slow jog.  After a quarter mile I had horrible pain in my left ankle.  It was so bad I had to immediately stop and limp slowly.  After about 5 steps it got better and I was able to run again – what was that?

I felt good the first mile and then my hip started hurting.  By the middle of the second mile I was in quite a lot of pain.  It was similar to mile 20 of my marathon.

I ran through the pain, which usually works and it lessens.  I couldn’t get it to lesson yesterday.  Even so, my 4 mile run was completed 9:20 pace.

I went home, got my Gatorade and throw the stick with the dog.  I was licking my wounds when I read a post from one of my favorite bloggers RunningToHerDreams.  It really put me in my place.  Go here to read it: http://runningtoherdreams.com/2013/10/08/tootsie-tueday-3.

So I got on the phone and made an appointment with my Chiropractor.  I haven’t gone to him lately because by the time I go after work it can be after 4:00 before I get to my run.  That isn’t easy after getting up at 3:30 in the morning.

I guess I have no choice in this.  I will do what I have to.  I need to be able to run without pain and just enjoy running again.  I figured after several weeks off I would be better, but I am worse.  So I am getting help and pushing through.  Believe me when I say that no one wants to live with me if I can’t run. 🙂

Onto good news.  Below is a picture of my Nike app yesterday.  I finally crossed the 2,000 mile mark.  It has only been 19 months, so I am pretty happy.  I need these milestones to keep me going through the rough times.

19 months in the making

19 months in the making

My running “adjustment”

A quick update as I need to get to work and didn’t get a chance to write this last night…

The Chiropractor went really well.  He took x-rays and said that everything looked great.  He did an adjustment that really did seem to help, but I was sore afterwards.  He then gave me some exercises to do and said that if I get my muscular issues taken care of, he thinks my pace will improve quite a bit.  I hope so!

One interesting thing.  This morning was the first morning in a LONG TIME that I walked down the steps after I woke up and had almost no pain!  Don’t get me wrong, my hip is still hurting a little, but my body wasn’t sore and my legs felt good.  That could the be the Chiropractor or the fact I’ve had 3 days off from running.  Either way, I’ll take it!!!

So he told me to take yesterday off and that I could run again today.  He then called me last night to see how I was doing.  I go back tomorrow morning for another round of adjustments.

Today, after work I’ll be running for the first time since Sunday.  I really thing this has been a good thing.  I felt like my body fell apart Sunday and I hope seeing this Chiropractor will begin getting me back in the running mode for the marathon.

BTW, I forgot to mention we have signed up for a 5K this weekend.  It is a fun race at 6:00 in the evening.  Summer evening, 5K, in the South – I can’t wait.  If I have too, I’ll walk the course; but I don’t think that will happen.  🙂