As the Pebble turns

No running this weekend.  My Lovely Wife and I went to Chattanooga for the weekend.  Just to get away and rest.

It was a good time and I really enjoyed myself.  I think she had fun too.  Sometimes you just have to get away for a bit to renew your mind.

I do have news on the Pebble watch.  I have really come to like it a lot.  However on Friday morning it got into a loop trying to install the newest update and I couldn’t get it out.  So I exchanged it at Best Buy and took my new watch home to charge before our trip.  Well this watch did the same thing.  Being a bit frustrated at this point I went to the Geek Squad counter at Best Buy to see what they could do.  After an hour, they gave up.  Hmmm.  They gave me another new watch and told me not to update it!  That wasn’t really a solution, but I figured I had two weeks to take it back and I really like the watch, so I set it up and cancelled the update.  Since I hadn’t charged it yet, I turned it off and charged it in the car on the way to Chattanooga.  When I figured it was charged I turned it back on and it automatically started updating!!  I couldn’t stop it so I just let it continue.  This time it worked.  It updated and came back to the screen that showed it was successful and it has worked great ever since.  Even my Lovely Wife says it is nice that I am not having to look at my phone every time there is a notification.

Okay… The bad part of the weekend is I gained 5 lbs.  It was fun to eat out and enjoy ourselves so I am not that upset.  On top of all I eat this weekend, today is our Thanksgiving luncheon at work.  So starting today, I am going back to running again.  My goal is to run at least 5 days this week, 3 miles a day.  I really like to get to 4 miles as that is when my weight starts going down, but I don’t want to overdue it.

To be totally honest, I am lacking in my desire to run at the moment.  I think I need a goal or something to work towards.

I will get back – I just need to make running my habit again.

All in all I cannot complain.  I wouldn’t change this weekend for anything.  It was fun and nice to get away… Now if I could just fit my work clothes, all would be great!

Another run, great shoes, a good watch; life is good!

3 runs in 4 days!

I think I’m getting back slowly.

I ran 3 miles yesterday and walked another.  My hip felt really good.  Almost no pain!  My heel spur, well that was a bit painful.  Funny that while I walked it was more painful than while running.

Anyway, I think my Brooks PureFlow’s are really a good shoe for me.  TJ helped me pick them and they seem to give me the right balance between support and lightness.  I did notice while I was walking that my left heel with the spur was striking the inside of the shoe rather than the middle.  I might have had them too loose.

On to my Pebble watch I got for my birthday.  It is awesome.  Of course now that I spent $150 on the watch Apple will probably release the long awaited iWatch, but until then, this is a great substitute.  It really complements my iPhone.  Not only does it show all the notifications from my iPhone, including texts and calls (so I don’t need to keep taking my phone out of my pocket just to see what that last beep was for), but it also works great with my iSmoothRun app.  As I run I can see the time of my run, the miles and the pace just by looking at my watch.  For me, this is great as I always run with my iPhone.  Finally the watch vibrates when there is a notification.  I can’t always feel my iPhone vibrate so I have to keep the volume up.  I hate to have my phone go off at work.  So this allows me to always know when there is an alert.

So life goes on.  I’m taking tomorrow off to get my son his license.  Sad to have to get up at 6:00 on my day off, but that is about 2.5 hours longer sleep then I normally get during the week, so I’m happy.

If I don’t write tomorrow, have an awesome weekend.