My first runner’s high?

I’ve had four 5 mile days running in a row, and is my body feeling it!

It is interesting that adding a half mile to my run each day has made me feel this way.

What is even more interesting is yesterday I decided to go out slow and just run an easy run.  It went as planned.  I was in shorts and a T-shirt compared to the last two days where it was below freezing with the wind chill.

Anyway, as the run progressed, I started really feeling well.  I felt loose and was enjoying myself overall.  Suddenly at the 3.75 mile mark, I kicked into a faster gear.  Not sure why, but I just felt really good and felt I had the strength to push it a bit.

As I ran, I just kept going faster.  My legs felt strong and my body felt well.  I guess it was the closest I have ever felt to a runner’s high.  About the 5 mile mark I was ready to call it a day, but it was a cool feeling.

I wonder if running up that mountain a couple times has begun to help my legs and cardio.  A 2 mile uphill 800 ft run can do a lot for leg muscles and the 2 mile down hill run can be even harder.

So another week is coming to an end.  Either tomorrow or Sunday I’ll be running the mountain again.  If I get in my 5 miles today, I’ll end up with about 33 miles for the week, which will be a record since my marathon training.

Have an awesome weekend and enjoy your runs!