Run recovery week. Half the miles and a new attitude.

Running has gotten a bit difficult lately.

It is mainly because I’ve been doing so much training in the heat and humidity.

Talking things over with TJ, I’ve decided to cut my training back drastically this week. Rather than the planned 45 – 55 miles, I am going to run 25 – 30 miles.  This is hard to do as I am only 10 weeks out from our marathon, but I really think I need it.  Running and training should not be something I dread and that is where I have gotten.  I want to work hard for my first marathon, but not to the point of either hurting myself or dreading my runs.

Another change I am contemplating is not holding my phone anymore.  I may run with it in a waistband or I’m even thinking of getting a Nike+ watch.  Yesterday TJ suggested leaving my phone at home so as to just have a good run.  I did that and noticed that I felt freer in my run being able to have my hands free.  It wasn’t that big of a deal a year ago as I ran 2 miles a day, but at 8 miles a day… much bigger deal.

It was a good run yesterday though.  TJ ran with me as he was off and did his run in the morning.  I only ran 3 miles which was really a nice change.

I am looking forward to my recovery week.  Hopefully by next week I’ll be all rested and ready to go!!!

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