The perfect recovery drink for runners

I’ve been running now for almost 3 years. Sometimes after a run I’m shot. Exhausted. Breathing hard. Just not feeling great.  

After my last half marathon I had this type of feeing. I pushed hard during the race as I generally try to  do. I figure that I want to look back and enjoy the results. Momentary discomfort is totally worth it when you PR or just know you did your best. There is a need to be wise and not hurt yourself, but the feeling after a hard workout or race is awesome. 

Okay. The drink. I’m sure I am not alone in knowing this, but it took years for me to figure out the best drink after a tough workout. Beer!

So after my last half marathon I wasn’t doing well. I drank Gatorade, water, chocolate milk and after 30 minutes I was still not doing well. I found myself at the beer tent and had my 1 beer that they offered. Within minutes I was back to my old self. My mind was clear and I was no longer tired in the slightest. 

I kept that experience tucked away for 8 months.  Fast forward to the recent increase in my running.  My first long run was tough. Very tough. I couldn’t get myself to relax and knew it was about to become a long day.  I was driving home and decided to get a Gatorade at a local supermarket. I was exhausted. Then I recalled my half marathon experience. I decided to try it. I went to the beer isle at 9:00 on a Saturday morning.  I ended up with the non-alcoholic beer, Odules (it was 9:00 ūüôā ).  I got to the car and downed one before I even put the keys in the ignition. 

In minutes I felt awesome.  Just like my half marathon, I had a 180 turnaround and felt like I never had an issue.

I now try to keep a recovery beer with me on all workouts. I had a really hard workout this weekend while visiting my mom in PA. I ran 13 miles with 2200 ft climb and when I finished… I needed a recovery beer. I took it out of the fridge and in a minute or two my breathing went to normal, my mind cleared and I felt great. 

Once again, this may not be big news to most runners, but it t really is a miracle recovery drink.  

Beer. I knew it was good for something. 


Recovery by feel

Yesterday I had a good run.

I am trying to run to feel after my last race. ¬†Monday I didn’t run as my heel and hip were sore from my mountain run on Sunday.

I went out yesterday and felt really good. ¬†I got a mile and a half into my run and noticed I was at a 7:15 pace. ¬†Not good, as the heat index was getting close to 90 and the weather had¬†been cool lately. ¬†By the time I got to the two mile mark, I was really feeling the fatigue. ¬†So I walked. ¬†I walked 3 times during my run. ¬†I’ve decided that I’m going to work at not doing the things that have injured me in the past.

Here is my plan:

  • Run to feel.
  • Run 4 miles a day during the week and 8 on a weekend day.
  • Don’t increase my mileage until I can run 2 weeks straight without pain.
  • If I have a bad day, walk the next day.
  • Walk every day that I feel badly.
  • Have fun and don’t push it.

I don’t have another race for a month and that is a 5K, so I have time to take my race recovery slow. ¬†It usually takes me a month or so to recover fully from a hard run race. ¬†I think that is because I come back too quickly and I push too hard. ¬†I have to remember that I have only been running for 26 months and though I am in the best physical condition of my life, I am over 50 years old.

Yesterday, after my run, my hip/back hurt. ¬†I was actually hurting quite a bit, so I’ll won’t decide if I am running at all today until I see how I feel this afternoon.

Have an awesome day and I hope my musings help someone “out there”.


Run recovery week. Half the miles and a new attitude.

Running has gotten a bit difficult lately.

It is mainly because I’ve been doing so much training in the heat and humidity.

Talking things over with TJ, I’ve decided to cut my training back drastically this week. Rather than the planned 45 – 55 miles, I am going to run 25 – 30 miles. ¬†This is hard to do as I am only 10 weeks out from our marathon, but I really think I need it. ¬†Running and training should not be something I dread and that is where I have gotten. ¬†I want to work hard for my first marathon, but not to the point of either hurting myself or dreading my runs.

Another change I am contemplating is not holding my phone anymore. ¬†I may run with it in a waistband or I’m even thinking of getting a Nike+ watch. ¬†Yesterday TJ suggested leaving my phone at home so as to just have a good run. ¬†I did that and noticed that I felt freer in my run being able to have my hands free. ¬†It wasn’t that big of a deal a year ago as I ran 2 miles a day, but at 8 miles a day… much bigger deal.

It was a good run yesterday though.  TJ ran with me as he was off and did his run in the morning.  I only ran 3 miles which was really a nice change.

I am looking forward to my recovery week. ¬†Hopefully by next week I’ll be all rested and ready to go!!!