I ran mile 16 – 18 yesterday!

Yesterday I continued my 15.7 mile run from Sunday.  I know, I know, yesterday was Monday, but I thought I’d do a couple easy miles to get an early start on the week.

There are no easy miles the day after a 15.7 mile run. 🙂

I did run/walk 3.25 miles.  Nothing fast other than the last quarter mile which I ran at a 7:38 pace, just to know that I could.  Anyway, my legs really did feel as they did at the end of Sunday’s run.  They were weak and tired.  I’ve heard that each run is the cumulation of your previous 2 runs put together.  And I have heard that it can take 7 – 10 days to recover from a long (or hard) workout.

In a way yesterdays run was nice.  My legs were exhausted, but I was fresh.  It was 90 degrees outside, but I had no need to push my run or do a workout or run a specific distance.  It was refreshing, except for the heat.  I need refreshing.

Today starts my workouts for the marathon.  TJ said to do the same ones we did for the half marathon that worked so well.  So I will begin my marathon workouts today with a tempo run.  I am going to try for 3 miles, but will play it by ear.  During our half marathon workouts, it was winter and 40 – 50 degrees on average.  Now it is summer and 85 – 90 degrees.  So it may be a tad harder to pull these workouts out!

Hopefully my legs will cooperate and it will be a good run.  I don’t like the torture of tempo runs, but I like the results.  My pace usually goes down 30 seconds a mile the day after.

On a side note… I was able to walk with no problems yesterday.  After my last 13 mile run my hip was so bad that I had to take 3 days off and start seeing a Chiropractor.  Yesterday I was a bit sore, but really had no issues.  I guess my Chiropractor is doing something right!   At 50 years old, I need all the help I can get.  🙂

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