A fresh start to running

I had the best run of my new running carrier yesterday.

I consider myself as restarting my running as of this week.  Of course that isn’t really the case.  I have 2000 miles behind me over the past 20 months, but with taking so much time off recovering from my marathon and then multiple injuries, I feel like I am having a fresh start.

It’s funny how the human body works.  Some days are good and some not.  Yesterday was good.  In part of my run I actually reached BQ pace for the first time in months.  Of course my shoe untied shortly after I got there.  UGH.  That was frustrating, but I just tied it and jumped right back into the run.

At the three mile mark I stopped my app.  I was at a 8:36 pace for the three miles.  I then ran a slow final mile and even that came in at 9:08.

So I am psyched for my 5K on Sunday.  I really don’t think I have a chance at a PR, but I should be able to be a little competitive if my hip an heel stay well.  It is going to be cold though… Probably in the 30’s by race time.  That is much preferable to the heat and humidity of Summer, but still COLD for Birmingham.

Enjoy your day and stay healthy!


11 thoughts on “A fresh start to running

  1. I am so, so happy running is going well for you! And that is a wonderful way to look at things, its really not starting over, its just “a fresh start”! My heavens that changes things, I love it and think I am going to approach training with the same mindset. Have fun on Sunday! I was thinking about doing a few of the local xmas 5k’s coming up just for fun. We will see how things go! 🙂

    • I hope you can do a 5K or two. Races really seem to help motivate me in my running. They are so much fun. My first 5K was only 3 weeks after I started running and I fell in love with running after that.

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