Several “firsts” thanks to running

100th post!  Wow, time files when you write a blog!!!

Yesterday was a day of firsts.  It is funny when you lose a lot of weight, you tend to look closer at “firsts”.  My Lovely Wife and I have noticed several firsts, outside of our clothes getting smaller with our waistline.  For instance, actually seeing our collar bone.  Or I noticed I could sit with shorts on and put my knees together and actually see between my legs to the floor.

Well, yesterday I had a couple of firsts.  One, though not weight related, was a neat experience.  I was running my long run (13 grueling miles in the rain) and I heard something coming up behind me.  I looked back and a big black lab was running after me.  Needless to say, I was a bit shocked at first.  But it ran up beside me and just ran with me for a while.  In fact if you saw us running together you would have though it was my dog.  It made my run a bit more fun.  Then I heard someone behind me calling out.  I looked and there was a guy with a leash running after us.  Okay, that made a bit more sense.  So I stopped my run (another first) and the dog stopped also.  The guy caught up and put the leash on the dog and off they went.  So, for a while at least I had someone to run with.

My next “first” was diet related.  No, not the ice cream bonanza we had to celebrate RS’s birthday (nice that I could eat and not worry too much about my weight after running 13 miles).  As I ran, it began to rain.  Not surprising since it was supposed to rain and storm all day.  At one point, it rained so hard that it was hard to keep running.  Finally the rain slowed and stopped for a while and I was left soaked in my 2x teeshirt.  I still wear those double extra large teeshirts to run in for some reason, even though they are huge on me now.  By the time I got to 7 miles, I made a decision.  As I passed by my house, I was going to take off my now heavy, rain soaked shirt.  Knowing it would rain again and that if I went inside to get another shirt, I would have probably stopped my grueling run, I just took off my shirt, threw it in the yard and kept running.

You have to know me to appreciate what I did here.  I ran the last 6 miles shirtless.  I haven’t been outside without a shirt since probably high school.  Frankly, I have been overweight most of my marriage and not one to want to be seen outside without a shirt.  So it was a momentous occasion for me.  I didn’t feel very comfortable and I could still stand to lose 20 lbs, but it was doable and I felt like I lost 20 lbs after taking off that rain soaked shirt.

Needless to say it was a different day in many aspects, including me not posting a blog post.  I think it might have been the first day since I started that I didn’t write anything.  To be honest, I didn’t sleep well and wen’t shopping early in the morning with my Lovely Wife and started my run late, so my schedule was off from the beginning.

All in all it was a great day.  As I mentioned, the run was rather miserable.  As I hit 3 miles, I felt like I had already run 13.  But in my head were all those motivational posters I see on blogs and Twitter.

Anyway – Enjoy your week and keep running (whether you feel like it or not).

Day off yesterday, long run in the rain today

I took yesterday off for obvious reasons if you read any of my posts this week (other than Friday).  It has been a difficult week running and I figured that since I only planned 4 miles yesterday, it would be good just to give my body a break.

Today is my long run day.  I planned 12, I hope to make 13.  It is going to be raining pretty consistently the entire run.  I never look forward to running when it is raining, however I usually run better in the rain for some reason.  Well I run better until my shoes get wet and heavy, but you can’t have everything.

I’ve had my water, eggs and banana, so I am good to go.

Here’s to a great run today (he says as he heads out the door)…  I hope.

2014 Boston Marathon, I’d like a chance…

First, about my run yesterday.  There are always “firsts” in running.  Yesterday I had one of my own…  I stopped my run short.  Not because of injury, but because of lightening.  It was a good run and to be my long run, but 8 miles into it the thunder started.  I can live with thunder. I can live with rain. But when the lightening starts, I’m heading home.  I have a great app called weatherbug.  It has been out for a long time, but they just added a feature that tells you how close you are to lightening strikes.  I looked at my app after the storm started and it basically said, “Take cover ASAP”.  So I texted TJ and asked him to come get me since I was a bit far from home.  Needless to say, I only got in 8 miles, but since I was 2 miles over for the week, I did get to 40 miles which was my goal.

Now on to Boston.

I checked into registration and found out that it starts and ends in September.  So, if we wait until December to run our marathon, we wouldn’t have a chance to get into the Boston Marathon until 2015.  If I try and can’t qualify until 2015, that is fine, but I would like a chance for 2014.  So I did some research and found a marathon that is run the beginning of September and has one of the highest qualification percentages for Boston in the country.  It also has a net -240 elevation drop for the race.  Here is the link…

So, if we are ready, we could actually run a marathon in September that would qualify us for Boston in 2014.  We will see how it goes.  At least there is an option.

Another tidbit I found out is that to run the Boston Marathon at my age, I would have to run a qualifying marathon in 3:30.  I think that is possible.  Then I found out that in order to get the faster racers in the race, they start registration with people who finish at least 20 faster than the qualifying times.  Then they go to 10 minutes faster and then if there are any spots open, they let the rest fill up the open spots.  That is a lot to think about.  I wish they looked at people with the most weight loss and the most enthusiasm.  Maybe they will next year. 🙂

So I have a long way to go.  The most important thing is to not look past today.  I am going to train and run my plan and do my best.  If I make it to Boston or don’t make it, I know I have come a long way.

I can be content with that.