A good running workout

I made the decision yesterday to take the day off as I just ran up a mountain with TJ the day before.  However, I got home and it was sunny and 65 degrees out and I just couldn’t waste the day!  So I decided to go for a slow easy run.

I started out at about a 10 minute pace and went through the neighborhood streets that I have been running lately.  As the run went on, I noticed my pace picking up quite a bit.  I honestly didn’t “feel” like I was trying to push it, but my pace kept coming down.  It was just 3 weeks ago I couldn’t run faster than a 10:00 pace because of my hip.  I think I am pretty much over that injury now for the most part.  I wouldn’t say I am totally past it, but it only aches at times and usually I realize I am tensing up and as I try to relax, I feel much better.

So here is a graph of my run:



As you can see, my pace kept coming down, past my marathon pace and close to my 10K pace.

I am wondering how my run with TJ up that mountain on Sunday impacted my run yesterday.  I expected to be sore and stiff, but I really wasn’t.  My left hamstring was a little sore in the beginning, but that went away early and I felt great after that.  I wonder if my increased speed was due to the hill/mountain workout?

So another run in the books.  In 2 months I will celebrate my 2 year anniversary of running.  My weight is coming back down and I am feeling great physically.  I honestly can’t complain…

Have an awesome day.


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