Good weekend, but miss my running

It was a nice weekend.

I didn’t run.  I did get to do some walking.  My hip was feeling better, but I got a strange pain between my two hips above my tailbone, so I figure I need to take it easy and see if this is something to be worried about or just “fallout” from my fall up the stairs.

I guess I am in the, “two steps forward and one back” phase of my running.

I can’t wait to get back to my mountain and regular running.  I can feel the endorphins leaving my body as I write this.

Oh well.  It is all part of the fun of running.  The ups and the downs.

I did get me a new pair of my shoes ordered so they will be waiting for me.

Have a great week.

Running closer

I’m feeling better today.  Yesterday was a pretty rough day and knowing that my hip was not better really made it difficult.

I got home and walked 3 miles.  It was nice out and I had a good walk.

I realize that my SI joint seems to be loosening up and my pain is down about 80% this morning.  I plan on walking for the next few days just to make sure I don’t over do it.

Thanks everyone for the advice and encouragement.  In the past 17 months, running has really become a part of my identity.  I don’t think I would have stuck with it if it hadn’t.  The issue with that is when it is taken away for a period of time, it really messes with me.  I know many of you have gone through the same thing.

Have a great day, and run a mile for me. 🙂